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Mediation Services at PDC Law and Mediation, LLC
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What is mediation? 

      Mediation is an informal and confidential method to resolve disputes instead of having to take a matter to trial.   A professionally trained mediator remains nuetral and non-judgmental during the mediation sessions to try to help you resolve your issues.   If you are successful during your mediation, you could end up with a signed agreement that is presented to the Court that may end the litigation of your issue in Court, with the possibility of your never needing to walk into the courtroom for trial, and saving you thousands of dollars in legal fees.  Successful mediation usually requires compromise by both parties.  The mediator is not a "judge", but rather helps the parties to communicate and cooperate to facilitate an agreement of all issues, ensuring a respectful process for all parties.

PDC Law and Mediation, LLC  - Family Law Mediation

      Pamela Dement-Carpenter brings to the mediation table almost 20 years of experience as a trial attorney.  She has been on the front lines witnessing the emotional trauma that fighting in court often takes on all of the participants, including children and extended members of the family.  Far too often , especially in domestic cases, going to trial results in a hollow victory for the parties, where neither party actually obtains what they desire,  leading to irreparable harm to the parties relationships and disempowerment.   For businesses, injured workers and victims of peronal injury an unfavorable verdict can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars and lost income.

         Ms. Dement-Carpenter's  mediation training and philosophy is  a combination "problem solving" style mediation and what is known also as a "transformative" style.  The whole point of the mediation is to try not only to resolve the conflict, and legal issues, with problem solving skills,  but also to try to help the parties preserve their important relationships (especially if children are involved) and retain their dignity.  Ms. Dement-Carpenter's approach attempts to help the parties to communicate and  to hear what each party is saying, and ultimately try to reach a resolution of all of the issues in an atmosphere that allows the parties to both feel invested in the outcome and grateful for the achieved result. 

         Ms. Dement-Carpenter has a direct, bottom line approach, while at the same time there is compassion for all parties. Confidentiality and privacy is respected.    Having been on the front lines as a prosecutor trying first degree rape cases, attempted murder, hate crimes, robbery with deadly weapons,  there is no situation that proves too difficult for mediation including abuse or domestic violence - as long as all the parties are willing to cooperate with respect.   The primary goal is to successfully mediate your case and ensure that you leave PDC Law and Mediation feeling empowered and a lot better about your situation than when you first walked through the door.  

Types of Mediation Services Offered

  • Family Law 
  • Child Custody, Access and Child Support
  • Divorce and Separation
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Employment Issues
  • Business Issues
  • Personal Injury
  • Education Issues

Fees are reasonable.  

Weekend and Evening Hours are available.