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I was so blessed to have Pam Dement-Carpenter as my attorney. Going through a divorce is never an easy process. There are so many emotions to navigate and I needed someone to provide clear direction and guidance. She zealously focused on the importance of rehabilitative alimony, making sure I could get back on my feet. She recognized the time I had put into my marriage and worked so I would receive half of the military pension. Having gone through this process herself, she was able to support me not only legally, but also emotionally. I was able to let her take care of legal matters and concentrate on getting my life back on track. Other attorneys might have taken advantage of my naiveté and vulnerable state, but Pam offered an efficient and cost effective alternative and I am so grateful to have had her on my side. 
-Tracy R.
  High School Teacher

This being my second time around I didn't want to get taken to the cleaners again. Pam worked with me effectively and efficiently. She advocated on my behalf against ruthless opposing counsel utilizing excellent mediation techniques that resulted in a settlement that I am now happy with. 
-John R.

We were assigned Pam as a court-appointed mediator to help settle a custody issue. I was very pleased with Pam's ability to make both of us focus on an agreement that put the children's interests first. I also felt that she paid close attention to respectful communication and fairness for both of us during the process.  
-Rob H ., Crofton, 
Educational Administrator

Pamela Dement-Carpenter is innovative and quick thinking in solving complicated situations.
-C. France

"A calming voice in a sea of turmoil."  Professional and doesn't pick sides.
- A. France
   Police Officer

Client Reviews